Local Elections – and the Council Candidate’s Cycle Challenge!

Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

As you may be aware, this May will see local elections to the council – and a chance for us to find out what our candidates think they can do to help make cycling easier in the area.

We have already written to the leaders of all the parties contesting elections asking them if they have a cycling manifesto (or if not, whether they would support the one drawn up by Pedal on Parliament). If and when we get any response, we’ll let you know! But meanwhile, we’ll be throwing down the gauntlet to all the candidates hoping to represent us in any of the wards that include Dumfries.

We’re inviting all of them to come and join us on Friday the 20th April on a cycle ride through the town to have a look at some of the problems cyclist encounter every day, and that make people less likely to use their bikes instead of driving. The ride will be very easy paced and suitable even for the most novice cyclist – or one whose bike has spent rather too long in the shed in past years. And we’ll be starting at the Go Bike! stands in Dock Park so not having a bike at all will be no problem either.

As well as local candidates we’ll be inviting other local politicians, council officers, the police, and of course other local cyclists to join us for our tour. If nothing else, it will give everyone a chance to show that they’re as committed to cycling  as a means of transport as they are to any other form.

If you’d like to take part, come along on the day, with or without a bike (although the number of bike hire bikes will be limited so bring a bike if you can to avoid disappointment). And if you’ve got any particular problem area you’d like councillors to be aware of, please let us know either in the comments or by emailing us at CyclingDumfries AT gmail DOT com



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5 responses to “Local Elections – and the Council Candidate’s Cycle Challenge!

  1. Cllr John Martin

    I shall be taking part in councillors challenge.

  2. sallyhinchcliffe

    excellent! Looks like we’ll have a good turnout

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  4. Councillor Ian Blake

    I intend being there to show my support but unfortunately my MS condition will prevent me from taking part.

  5. sallyhinchcliffe

    hi Ian, thank you for your response and your support – quite understand about not riding in this case.

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