New Whitesands Crossing

I’m sure we’re not the only ones to be excited at the sight of the new toucan crossing going up on the Whitesands opposite Bank Street

Bank Street Crossing

A crossing at this point – making it easier to get from the Whitesands to the High Street – was one of the things we’d specifically asked for when we emailed the council in September:

– provide a crossing point for bikes from the Whitesands path to Bank street – at the moment, a bike leaving the cycle path has to bump over a curb, negotiate cars looking for a parking space, come up over the pavement and cross the road, or else go a long way round to find a dropped curb.

Whether it was our email, or (more likely) that they were going to do it anyway, we’re pleased to note that the transition to the Whitesands path is smooth and easy to negotiate on a bike. We’d prefer it if we didn’t have to press two sets of buttons to get across, but we suppose you can’t have everything.

So what next? Bank Street, of course, is one-way going the wrong way for half its length, so we hope that some sort of an exception will be made for bikes. So far the word is that there will be improvements for cyclists on Bank Street, Newall Terrace and Great King Street, as well as wider implementation of 20mph speed limits in the town centre. So some good news

We’ll keep you posted as the works progress.


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