Hospital Consultations

Typical – you wait ages for a hospital consultation to arrive and then two come along at once.

GoSmart! are consulting on improvements to cycle access to the rear of the hospital – ie. the Glencaple road. For some reason the consultation is not online, so apologies for the quality of the map but here are the options:

(click for bigness)

Discussion in the pub last week suggested that D would be preferable (assuming that the existing route via Castledykes Park would continue to be open. It gets cyclists off what is a narrow and quite busy road earlier, and represents less of a steep climb to the carpark and the rest of the hospital site. But if you’re a regular cyclist to the hospital, then have a look and have your say

Consultation is closing quite soon. As far as I can tell it’s mainly through a leaflet which was available up at the hospital but you can also contact the GoSmart! team directly at the following address

Nicola Scott
Go Smart
Militia House
English Street
01387 260133
or you can email
They want to know the answers to the following questions:
Are you a hospital employee?
Which option (A, B, C or D)do you prefer?
Where in the hospital would you be going to?
Is there another option that you think would be an improvement?
If you are an employee at the hospital, what is your current route (presumably patients don’t count!)
What is your current mode of transport to the hospital?
I’m not sure when consultation closes, but it’s soon so act fast.
The other consultation is about the proposed site for the new hospital, which you may have heard about already. This one is available online with a PDF of a brochure and an online survey – you can find out more on the website. You may be wondering what it all has to do with cycling but the current hospital site does generate a lot of traffic in the town although currently it is also fairly easy to reach by bike or on foot. The new sites are all much further out of town so may end up generating more traffic. On the other hand, it will ease pressure on the Bankend Road. One of the sites, on the A75 could potentially be quite difficult to reach by bike if a decent bike path isn’t put in from the Caledonian Cycleway. Otherwise, most of the proposed sites are quite handy for either the Caledonian Cycleway or the Maxwelltown Railway path. Ideally staff, visitors and those patients who are up to it could be encouraged to cycle to and from the hospital wherever it goes.
Mike Gray of CTC and Cycling Dumfries has responded officially for the CTC making the following points:
  1. I assume that secure facilities for leaving and locking bicycles will be included in the plans for the new hospital, preferably under cover. These should be sited to minimise interaction with other vehicles, for safety reasons.
  2.  Site B (Lockerbie Road) appears to impinge on the existing track of the Caledonian Cycleway out to Locharbriggs and Quarry Road. I assume that this route will not be severed or made un-usable in any way by work at this site, should it be selected.
  3. More seriously, the Garroch loaning site (A) appears to seriously impinge on the cycle route up the Old Glen road (the former A75). This is a designated CTC route to the A75 (for the brave), Shawhead and Glenkiln, and points west. We would look for a commitment that this route would not be severed or made impassable or unsafe during work on the site, or when the hospital is completed, should this site be selected.
I would urge any of you who work at the hospital, or visit it in any capacity, to have a look at the various consultation options and respond accordingly.

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