Gritting Update

Well, it looks like we’re going to escape the worst of the snow and ice that plagued us last year but winter is not out yet, so gritting and clearing is still something that we’re concerned about

Following on from our query to the council about gritting policy we have had a response!

At the moment the only section of cycleway which is on our winter routes is the section between Quarry Road at Locharbriggs all the way to Moffat road . This section is an F2 category which is a medium use route which would be gritted after the  busier town centre F1 routes. The policy at the moment is that cycleways will not normally be cleared of snow and shared use cycle/footways will be cleared where they form part of our priority routes, when busier routes have been cleared and resources permit. But we also react when resources permit to complaints and we try to treat dangerous sections.

For more information about where the various priority routes are, there’s an interactive map on the council website. As the email said, they will respond to dangerous situations and complaints so if there’s a particularly nasty spot on your usual route, it may well be worth letting them know.

Other than that, ride safely!


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  1. I wonder which council in the UK will be the first to change to the Dutch/Danish method of putting the cyclepaths higher/equal priority than/to the roads?

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