Nearing November

After some wild and woolly October weather, the dark days are almost upon us: the clocks are going back. But that needn’t mean the end of cycling until spring. As long as you’ve got the right lights, warm and waterproof clothes, and decent tyres you can stay on two wheels all year round (although I do have to admit that cycling is a lot more pleasant in the summer). And if you’re looking for company, keep an eye on our events calendar where we list any rides or other happenings in the area we hear of. The CTC group for one has a full calendar of rides all through the winter, so there’s no excuse for not making the most of any fine days we do get.

And whether you’re a winter cyclist or not, you’re welcome to our regular pub meet on the first Thursday of the month (3rd November). In our continued search for the perfect winter venue, we’ll be trying out the Coach and Horses on the corner of Bank St and the Whitesands (see map). We won’t even mind if you come by car. The main thing is to come along, discuss our response to the Local Transport Strategy, plan our events for when the sun does return, and have a drink or two.

See you there


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