Dumfries and Galloway Local Transport Strategy

The latest local transport strategy has been published, and the council are inviting feedback from the public. It’s not exactly a gripping read but it’s not terribly long so please do take the time to read through it and let us know your thoughts either in the comments or by email.

I haven’t had a chance to digest it fully yet – and there’s very little about bikes in it – but one sentence does stand out for me:

Overall, cycling and walking infrastructure is considered to be of a good standard and the council consequently considers that only incremental improvements to existing networks will be required in the short term

This, to me, seems to be rather unambitious, not to mention a little complacent.

Anyway, you have until the 4th November to get your response in, and we’ll also be submitting some feedback as a group as well. There is to be a cycling and walking strategy to follow, which hopefully we will be consulted on before it’s published. Watch this space


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