Cycling in the Netherlands

For those of you who missed it on Thursday night, here’s a quick slideshow of my photographs, mainly from Assen in Drenthe in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands really has to be experienced to be believed – lovely, relaxed, secure cycling, and masses and masses of bikes, with riders of all ages and all shapes and sizes.

One day …



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5 responses to “Cycling in the Netherlands

  1. It’s excellent to see Sally’s photos. For the sake of accuracy, slide number 16 doesn’t work quite as in the description. Cyclists never have a green light at the same time as drivers.

    Like almost all traffic light junctions in the are (including that in slide 15) this one also has the simultaneous green for cyclists system.

  2. sallyhinchcliffe

    cheers! Too many pictures, not enough notes.

    I’ll amend the presentation

  3. Frits B

    Re slide 6: may I add that this street, and its neighbours, used to be packed with parked cars from people visiting the nearby town centre. This caused a lot of unnecessary traffic which was ended after a permit system was introduced last year. Residents (who often have parking space on private ground) can buy a permit to park on street during the day. And since these streets are regularly patrolled, a lot of traffic has gone.

  4. Thanks Frits – parts of London have a similar system, though not Dumfries

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