Survey Says…

During Bike in the Park last weekend, we ran an informal, entirely unscientific little survey, asking people who visited our stand why they did cycle … and why they didn’t

The results were instructive, unscientific or not.

Why cycleClearly, Dumfries – or the section of Dumfries that goes to family cycling fun days – has got the message that cycling is good exercise and great fun, which is fantastic. And a few souls have also noticed that it’s a fast, free and easy way to get around. In general, there were far more reasons to cycle than there were not to – which is good news too. But, if cycling’s so fun and healthy, why isn’t everybody whizzing down the Whitesands on two wheels instead of grinding along it in the traffic on four?

Well, here’s what you told us:

Now there’s not much anyone can do about the weather … but I think there’s a lot that could be done about some of the other reasons. Keeping away from traffic, providing joined up, well- maintained routes and safe places to park, and integrating bikes better with buses and other public transport would do a lot to improve the lot of cyclists in the town AND the motorists too – because every additional person who can make their trip by bike is one fewer car clogging up the road.

So the next question is going to be where those routes should be – we’ve got some answers from Saturday already, but we’ll be looking for more ideas soon too – watch this space


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