Bike in the Park

Cycling Dumfries stand
Our stand at Bike in the Park - all thanks to elitedisplay

Wow, what a day we had yesterday at Bike in the Park. Although we didn’t have many takers for our rides to and from the park, the well-nigh perfect weather had brought out hundreds of people into Dock Park, many of whom stopped by our fabulous stand ( all courtesy of elitedisplay) to help us with our entirely unscientific – but fun – survey of why people cycle – and why they don’t.

survey board
our post-it note survey (and whoever took my pink post-it notes, I want them back!)

I’m still collating the answers but from the chats we had with the people who stopped by some common themes emerged. While people loved the great paths and cycle facilities there already were, like the Maxwelltown path and the off road mountain biking at Mabie and the other 7Stanes forests, too often they felt that the routes weren’t joined up enough, and that tackling the roads was just too difficult and dangerous, especially with kids in tow.

As well as the survey we took the chance to sign up a lot of members – getting us off to a flying start to being a voice for cycling in the town. If you haven’t joined yet, please do – you can’t quite pay on line yet but our membership page gives you details of how you can join by post. Thanks to all those who allowed us to twist their arms into signing up on the day…

Now that we’ve got some members – and a constitution – we can really start to make some progress as a campaign. The first step will be to identify what the most pressing issues are and what we can do about them, hence the survey. But I think that some things are already jumping out at us as likely priorities

need a cycle path Dumfries to Greenlea (Collin)
we need a cycle path from Dumfries to Greenlea (Collin)

Watch this space…

One thought on “Bike in the Park”

  1. How absolutely fantastic your stand looked! Sorry I couldn’t make it due to other plans. The sticky idea was terrific too. I have tweeted and FB’d your event page 🙂 All the best!

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