New Cycling Campaign Launched

Welcome to the first post of the Cycling Dumfries blog! There’s not much to say yet, but watch this space for news about our first meeting, our aims and what happens next …



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2 responses to “New Cycling Campaign Launched

  1. Bill Telfer

    This new campaign looks like a great initiative.
    I hope it focusses on ordinary everyday cycling – to improve the environment for urban utility cycling.
    Not owning a car, living over 30 miles from Dumfries, and the non-existence of public transport I wont be able to go to an inaugural or other meeting unless I undertake an evening 66 mile round trip on my bike!
    If I was going to the meeting I’d suggest that in addition to this great new website an email forum should be estabished. Eg set up a YahooGroup similar to the one linked with the Bristol Cycling campaign- See
    Another suggestion I’d make is to get cyclists involved in a 20s Plenty For Us campaign
    One of the biggest disincentives for people to cycle is fear of motor traffic. Slower speeds is a key campaign element in a cycling campaign. We should campaign for 20mph to be established as the default speed limit in Dumfries and in all D&G’s towns/urban areas
    Rod King national co-ordinator of 20s Plenty says that Edinburgh is in process getting this underway -starting with about a third of the city. Oxford has all of it, ditto Portsmouth. Lancashire will have every residential road by 2013. Bristol is 2/3rd of it. Warrington is all of it. Islington is all of it. ”So urban-wide is very much on the cards and all of it mandatory.’’
    Ie 20mph to be the default speed limit.
    This would be great incentive for more cycing but it needs to be fought for given the nature of our local authority.

  2. sallyhinchcliffe

    Hi Bill – thanks for your comment. Yes, everyday cycling, for transport, is absolutely what we’re about. I’m sorry you won’t be able to make it to the meeting & we’ll definitely take your comments into account. Watch this space for announcements about forums and other initiatives that you might be able to access without a 66-mile round trip! And please do spread the word to anyone you think who might be interested.

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